67% struggle with depression or anxiety

75% have been injured or suffered ill effects from side effects from hair and makeup products

one third have been touched inappropriately at a job

70% had difficulty juggling academic classes and modeling

86% were asked to pose nude/semi nude without prior notice

"All statistics are taken from the 2009, Model Survey by Sara Ziff and Jenna Sauers"

Duration: 3hours
Participants: Model and at least 1 parent or guardian per model

The average age of a model is 15 years old. In a perfect world, models would have masters degrees in international tax law and international business management, we are providing the next best thing.

Over each session Victoria and Dunja would provide a coaching and consultation service for beginning models who have no prior (or limited) experience in the London market. We will cover the listed topics designed to thoroughly educate and protect the models from threats and professional pitfalls experienced by many young men and women in our industry today.

-The fashion industry and workplace conduct
-Your agency, bookers profiles and expectations
-Body image and nutrition
-Your safety in the workplace
-Nudity and sexual exploitation
-Legal rights as a model
-Self employment and management
-Self respect, your boundaries and your career
-Catwalk coaching